This is a song I'm working on to open my EP, I put a lot of hard work into it, so I'd like to know your opinions before I go past the point where I can't change it very easily.

I'm going to put some kind of vocals over, I'm still working on that. I mixed it with headphones so I don't know how it came out, I don't want to wake anyone up to find out. But I'm very anxious to move forward. So please give me your advice and opinions
This is really really cool. I really like it. The production value being really low in the beginning makes it sound really cool. Sounds very Coheed and Cambria-esque in the beginning
Totally interesting I love the lack of high range in the mastering so you've got a lofi grit to it.

Lots of massive attack influence atleast to my ears in your second movement

Alittle too busy for me at 4:30 on

As an Intro I would have been happy with a cut at 2:30ish

I like how you end though very awesome tune!

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Love the percussion in the beginning. I don't know if you've heard of a band called 'Toe' but it really reminds of them. Which is an awesome thing! Really like the experimental sounding glitchy bit right before the piano.

Maybe tone down the synth a little bit. Really nice though!
Holy cow.

That is some of the trippiest stuff I've heard for a while that still kept me entertained. I feel like the intro goes on for just a tad too much. I glanced at the time at about 1:13ish when I was anticipating that it was going to change direction or break into some guitar. Which brings me to a point. Maybe its just my taste in music, but I would've loved if this broke into a heavier guitar oriented song at around that point in time.

Check out this:


If something like that happened it would have been epic, but to be honest I didn't fancy that crazy wub wub synth sound that came in too much. And towards the end or the different riffs just got overwhelming. But I really like the creativity, and the opening especially.

EDIT: This review was based off Draft 1. I'll check out Draft 2 now.
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I'm not a heavy artist really, I don't write those kinds of riffs I'm not really an electronic artist either but I just went with what I felt like and how I wanted the song to go, the main piano part had been going through my head forever, and I really just wanted to have that on guitar through a telephone filter and a simple following vocal part. I'm working on bring the synth back a lot, I agree it gets to be to much at the end, especially since it is completely harmonized at the end too so it's all these chords and it's hard to make out.
Wow, that's fucking excelent. I loved the intro, I was hoping the song would go into a glitchier, heavier version of that. I was kind of dissapointed actually It gets a little too synth-heavy for me after that. It's not really my style, but it was still cool regardless

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Interesting piece. I didn't care for the raspiness in the tone starting around the 1 minute mark. Also the transition in melody at 3:30 didn't really move the song in the right direction for me. The transition at 2:30 was cool and I liked where it moved to.

The song didn't develop any sort of melody that pulled me in. You say it's an intro idea but at 5 minutes long it needs to get out of the intro phrase and into the main song idea. Lots of good pieces in there looking for a song. I also agree with the looking for guitar part as mentioned. Not surprising since this is a guitar forum.

Thanks for checking out my post as well.
Good intro - just about the right length. Pretty extreme sounds!

Later sections ... not my cuppa but sounds good. I like the mix of tempos. I think the piano should stop at about 4:30 or continue with the same slow rhythm, not 'try to keep up'.

As a composition I think it's all about the interesting sounds. It delivers. It felt shorter than its actual running time.
The intro sounds like Christmas music! Wish it was less distorted though. I mix everything on headphones myself. OK, after 2:00 it's not so darned distorted. Now it sounds like a completely different song. Yep, it feels like it needs vocals now, cool synths though. Around 5:00, it has more distortion than I like. Other than my gripes, I like it & find it entertaining. Please review my synthy music at this link:

aaror aardvark, it is distorted intentionally at the beginning, just so you know. It's this orchestral piece I scrapped and made the intro to the intro basically. And I've scrapped most of the ideas and am completely reworking this song now, with guitars and stuff, results soon. I need to write lyrics that fit it as well.