I want to get a guitar and have it set up for B standard tuning and lower (No lower than Drop G/G#). But my hands are only about 7 inches long from the bottom of my hand to the tip of my middle finger.

I know technique is the main thing here and mine is pretty good, but I'm afraid if I get a guitar with a 27 inch or longer scale length I won't be able to properly fret chords on the lower five frets. Should I just stick to like a 25.5 inch scale gutiar and tune it down or will I be able to play a longer scale guitar no problem?

BTW: This is the guitar I was looking at PRS Mushok Baritone

I play baritone like I would a normal 25.5 and 24.75 scale length necks.
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It is a noticeable step up from 24.75" scale, but I doubt you'll have a problem.
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doode just adjust the trust rod . buy the good strings you need for the B gauge and then play the shit out of your guitar. no need for a big scale lenght neck men.
as long as the nut width isn't much wider it's fine.

i have more trouble with my seven then with my bari.
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Well the reason I was thinking of a baritone instead of just detuning a normal scale guitar that low with thick strings is that baritones have a darker tone and are a bit clearer apparently.
Baritone necks aren’t usually any thicker than normal guitar necks, the gradation of the taper is just spread out over more area. The neck on the Mushok guitar is not especially thick by any standard.
I'd go with a 26.5 scale for yourself, just to get used to it. For me going from a 25.5 to 27 felt huge so I ended up returning the 7 string after about a week of noodling with it. The new Ibanez RGD and a few Schecters are nice and are at a nice price range so you won't spend a crazy amount on something you might not be comfortable with. My friend has his Epiphone Explorer (24.75) Set in B Standard right now, with either 13's or 14's and it feels great in that tuning. There's a lot of ways to compensate for the lower tunings, and a longer scale length is in my opinion a way to allow thinner strings to be used. But you can just up the gauge and use a 25.5. Works fine in my experience.
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For a good example of what a 27" inch scale will feel like, take anything you would normally play on a 24.75" and move it down two frets. (If you're normally using a 25.5" scale, move it down only one fret). That is what it will feel like on a 27" scale. If that's comfortable, then great. Find a baritone guitar and try one. If you like it, good, if you don't, find another. The PRS Mike Mushok signature model is the only 27" 6-string I can think of off the top of my head right now, but I'm sure there are others.
Unless you're doing some stupid wide stretches I think it should be fine. Your hands are about the same as mine and I've played schecters with a 26.5" scale with no problem at all.