Hey guys, I've got a band but i can't sing without a PA at practice! all i need is a practice pa, all the venues have them, and it must also work for small parties etc. Ive got a 45 watt tube and it needs to be able to keep up with that and a drummer. Any ideas? Under 400 please.
My friends have this and it's pretty sweet

Otherwise piece it together with a small mixer, power amp and a couple speakers.

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Get a small Behringer mixer. Their Xenyx FX mixers have delay, reverb, etc built in for vocal stuff.

I have this...

Get a power amp. I have this...

Get some passive speakers. I have these...

Get a cheap mic and some cables, and you trim out at just under $400. All of my equipment listed above has been thrashed on for the last couple of years, and is still kicking strong.

I like individual components, because you can replace only what's needed if anything breaks or you decide to upgrade. And if you decide you want to get something bigger to run your own mains for a bigger gig, then you can keep the smaller speakers as monitors.

I enjoy keeping my system scaleable and flexible.
+1 To the Passport.

Also a popular and cheaper one is the Behringer EPA900. Great little suitcase PA, very portable and very loud.
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^ I agree with the (2) posters above, but I'd recommend starting smaller with some higher quality gear.

If you're just going for vocals right now, I'd just buy a powered speaker like the following...


You can plug your microphone right into the back of the speaker. If you need to expand, you can add a mixer and another powered speaker later.

BTW...check craigslist. My band bought $2500 worth of PA equipment for $1000...people are selling this stuff for stupid low prices to pay their bills.

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