This was really cool man your style of fingerstyle-playing was cool. One thing i thought of though was that you varied alot in the tempo, so thats one thing to think about for next time, a tip is to tap your foot anyway it was really cool man ;D i liked your playstyle

C4C if you want would love some constructive critique of my playin https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1486563
Hey thanks man, I commented on your video for you, and liked your youtube link, we should hookup on youtube!
Thanks for your comments, I will take all your suggestions into mind esp. the foot tapping technique hahah.
@PENGNASTY, thanks man--you should play some fingerstyle yourself I'd like to see that from you! And seriously thanks for even noticing the harmonic, that shows me you watched the whole thing which is awesome. Chrono trigger has a great soundtrack, I'll do some more covers for you dude. Thanks for subbing, really means a lot to me man.

@shir6392, thanks, I got a lot to learn but try to get better everyday. We were already friends on utube before btw
Your incomplete cover is great, I left you a comment on utube, we should collab sometime on an original.

@eltinchox, thanks a lot man, I appreciate it.
A theme from one of my most favorite games ever, this really brings me back! Great playing, just the timing needs work. I really admire fingerpicking style, its so melodically pleasing to hear.

You should take a shot at "Far Off Promise" (from Chrono Trigger also), really great to play it fingerstyle =)
brizgoesrawr : thank you much

raz1289 : I'm glad haha. I will work on the timing for all future vids. Dude I checked out that far off promise, I forgot about that song, I'm gonna do it and play it just for you man! You've inspired me!