Well I would get a software bass for one thing, the Apple Jam Packs have a pretty good one that I always use in the Rhythm Section called attitude bass. It's pretty good for this kind of thing, if you're really full of the cash check out Native Instruments MM Bass, it'll blow your mind. The guitar sounds pretty nice, I don't know if it's a software instrument, but I have come to the conclusion that it is, but it sounds nice. Not so much on the chords. I would add some drums to this, it would really make it more dynamic and interesting. The cleaner parts are too quiet and the distorted parts overpower them a lot. The writing is good especially if you don't usually write in this style, I would suggest to be a little more free and change it up, make it harmonize at one point, add something! Good job though, drums are needed here though (it'll also make it sound much more heavy).

Thanks mate. I have a drummer who writes the drums, so I'm going to send it to him soon-ish. I was thinking I need to mix it up a bit, because it does get repetitive.

Oh also, I guess what you're interpreting as "clean guitar" is actually the bass. The clean guitar is very subtle in this - the only main role it plays is the solo and accentuating some notes.
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