hello there fellow guitar heroes, im having a problem here, i cant seem to be playing chords for leads (not sure what the correct term for the chords are) but its something like this


im ok when doing normal power chords but when i try to play this it sounds weird, im aware that i have to mute the middle string (i rest my index finger on the string) but somehow the note doesnt seem to come out right, i know i should just practice more and more but are there any exercises with similar chords available here on UG to help me out with my problem? ( kind of frustrating seeing other people doing it so fluently while i struggle to even do the basics haha )

Thanks guys
For your information, these are called octaves. Consider the "5x3" thing for example. The 3rd fret on the A string is a C, and the 5th string on the G string is also a C

Stick with it, mute the middle string and make sure the two notes that are supposed to ring do so. Eventually it will sort of "click" like all things with guitar.
oh so thats what they are called, thanks Jyrgen.
Yeah, im having problems strumming these kinds of chords though it could just be bad strumming technique since i just moved over from playing the acoustic so i will always tend to strum every single string, i guess i'll have to look into that.
take it slowly, this is just a HABIT problem, once you get it right once and practice it a little it will become a reflex, trust me .

It would be a good idea to practice it with gain so that you can hear the way it sounds better
You could "finger pick" those types of patterns, even while using a pick. You just pull up on the top note with your middle finger, while you're picking down on the bottom note.

That would be sort of an homage to Mark Knopfler.
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