So i have a 2008 les paul standard and the neck on its really sticky. I've tried just wiping the neck down, using steel wool, and sanding it a little. Does anyone know anything i can do to fix it?
Wait...what did you sand?
Sticky on the back or front?

It might just need a clean dude.
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kidding. I literally sanded mine down until it was raw. Being a set neck and a truss rod adjustment freak, I'm not worried. I got it until it was about 1000 grit. I don't know what roughness you have sanded it to currently.
Nitro finishes are sticky. They take a few years to properly settle, they thin out and crack, called checking, and then they feel super fast. That's just how they are.

Nothing stopping you from sanding down the neck, just be aware that without a hard finish on it the neck will be more prone to bowing with the seasonal changes.
is there anything i can do to keep it from bowing? because i was gonna sand it down all the way but i was worried something like that would happen
Just keep and eye on it, get used to giving it a proper set up every four months or so. Keep it away from moisture, away from extreme cold and heat. Keep it away from radiators and central heaters and air conditioning. Also these problems become worse if you use heavy gauage strings in a normal tuning. .10s or .09s in E Standard or heavier strings in much lower tunings will be okay though.
Probably stainable finish. I'd probably do the following: Clean the guitar frequently. If the neck wears off soon, then have it replaced. That's all I can say.
Try washing your hands after uhh...
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Mine does something simular, give the hands a good wash before playing and keep a cloth in your arse pocket while playing to give it the odd rub...

I couldnt go at it with a sander, it would be as evil as sanding a small childs face
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Use Naptha to clean the finish off. Then polish it up. The finish is dried/cured for days as it needs to be hard for the buffing process so it wasn't sent out sticky.
It could be a combination of your sweat and the humidity that's causing this. It has been reported by some people before but I have 3 and this doesn't happen. Sanding down was not a good idea as you've devalued your guitar.
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