Hi been looking at amps and have come across a Roland micro cube does anyone know wether they are good and worth it? And is it good for a beginner ? Thanks
I couldn't tell you, to be honest. But I use a Roland 30x Cube, so if it's anything like my amp, it'll sound great for the price.
Yes, they are good, I own one, it was my first amp, would be excellent for a beginner definitely worth it..


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Cool going to order one in bit then also it says there battery powered does this mean you can only use batterys and not plug it into the mains?
As far as I know you can use both mains and batteries, and yes a great starter amp.



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I also have one. My friends take the piss out of me because it is 2 watts. But I laugh at them when I'm able to transport my guitar and amp freely and easily (I can walk long distances with both of them) and they're moaning about how their amp is so heavy that even taking it on a bus or in a taxi is totally impractical.

I bought the Micro Cube because it has great reviews. I'm not an expert on amps but as far as I can tell, it sounds nice. Has built in modelling effects to keep u experimenting with the tone too.

It'll always be a nice little backup practice amp for when I need to travel long distance, even when I get that 250 watt tube amp of my dreams
And yes, batteries are optional. It comes with a plug too for use with a mains supply. I've yet to put batteries into it. It takes 6 AA batteries. Maybe if I want to do a bit of busking in the street it might come in handy
Its a nice amp, I would opt for something a little bigger normally, but like badbanshee said, they are very transportable and sound good, and roland is a pretty reliable brand. I have one for taking back and forth to my bassists house, its perfect for just jammin with other guitar players, but it is too quiet to even think about playing with a drummer.
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Roand cubes are very reliable. I've had my 15x for almost five years and it hasn't let me down yet. it also still sounds great.
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The MicroCube is a small cheap digital amp. Go down any high street on a busy Saturday and you'll see buskers using them. They have a few presets are great VFM but they do sound digital. A good quiet beginner amp but you'll outgrow the sound quite quickly esp if you ever play on other amps. BTW - I've one for practicing in the garden on sunny days! I picked mine up cheap as chips on eBay. Make sure if you get one get the mains adapter as you'll go though a ton of batteries!!

You haven't mentioned your guitar or budget, nor if you 'need' it to be battery powered but If you want a warmer valve driven sound that reacts to picking "better" I'd recommend you audition a Fender Champ 600. They do handle pedals well esp if you want a little distortion.

You can get a rough idea what they sound like by searching YouTube, but its best if you test.

But to save you time: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3pCEx_frLV4&NR=1 and http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cg-Dn6VPwqg&feature=related for the Champ and http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hsKzO-BctzY&feature=related for the Micro Cube
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As a beginner amp its very good! and cheap!
no ultra-good sounds of course but a lot of "well thats ok"-sounds and very versatile.
i use my friend's micro cube when we are jamming because im to lazy to bring my own amp and it sounds ok.
but keep in mind you wont be able to change the sound while playing and it is not loud enough to play in a band (well that was obvious i think^^)

edit: oh,and do not get a usual roland cube with 15 watts or more, because they are only louder but the sound-quality is not really better.
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Thanks guys really helped me glad you dont need batteries id be speding more on batteries!