Im done with using crappy guitar leads. They break, cut out, noisey etc....

Anyway ive recently bought a mesa single rectifier and a 2x12 to go with it and im wanting to purchase a really good guitar cable and a cable to connect the head to the cab. Im just looking for recommendations, my kit is good so im not going to go cheap on the cables. What brands/model should i be looking for? Any "industry standard" cables or highly used and well recommended ones that are a must have or?

id really appreciate the help.

Thanks guys.
lava cables are really good. i have the blue demons. they're excellent, and not too expensive.

edit: and they have a lifetime warranty. real sturdy cables.
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I'm not sure what brand it is,might be planet waves,offer a lifetime warranty on their cables.
Basically look for fairly thick,rubbery cables with good solid ends.A good cable will generally be heavier than a cheap one,and obviously a bit pricier.If your gigging,don't be afraid to splash out on cables.
As for the head to cab cable,you want a speaker cable,as an instrument cable will damage your amp.Just in case you didn't know.Once again,get a decent one,and maybe a cheapie back-up if your gigging.
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Just keeping yourself from the absolute cheapest stuff and you'll be fine with most cables.
I use Cordial Roadlines (they're called Encore-series these days?) myself, I find them really good. Just need a silent plug with an angle for my cable to go in my guitar's jack. But as Ola Englund said, staying from the most inexpensive cables will be good enough.
As for a cable to go between your speaker and your cab, as Ian hawkins stated, you will need a speaker cable, otherwise you will damage your amp and maybe your head too For that I'd probably get also the best possible or the one that I could afford, but midrange-priced will do well for that too.
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go on musicians friend i think they still have their 15% off cables. they have good dimarzio cables for cheap. got a 18 footer tweed cable for $24 shipped. solid cable, well shielded
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I've heard good things about bullet cables.
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you're in the uk

award session/cleartone or kabl

excellent made-to-order cables for very reasonable prices

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