so at band practice this happened

this is the screw hole for the strap anchor thing on the top horn of my bass, the screw ripped up right through the wood, would it be safe if i used a wood epoxy to fill the hole and just screw it back in or do you think the screw would just rip right through again?
yes that should work fine.
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I did it with my Les Paul and it's holding fine, And that Les Paul is VERY heavy...
sweet! guess im going to home depot today, and weight was my worry, this thing out weighs the notoriously heavy Rickenbacker, but hey if it goes again, more epoxy eh? thanks guys
I would say black duck tape. the actual duck brand lol we use it for our guitars and we haven't had a slip yet
yeh as everyone said, you should be fine, and if you're not, then just use MASSIVELY LONG screws and bore it right into the body. xD
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