Hope this is alright to post here, as street teams are almost part of a band anyways I'm looking for people to help promote and spread my music as part of a street team. Involvement can be anything from posting youtube videos, spreading news locally about our gigs, will be even wanting people to be in music videos at some point.

In return there will be loads of freebies for my street team, I work in a promotion company and we are releasing a cd and will be selling t-shirts, promoting shows etc. Everyone in the street team will get exclusive free downloads from my band (which we will be recording in the next few months) and many other great bands were promoting for.

We will also be giving away free real life copies of cds, merchandise and other goodies in the future.

If your interested you have several options message me on here (ultimate guitar - which I dont check my inbox very much so might be long!), email me (jrm2011@live.com - this will be a bit quicker) or the best still http://www.reverbnation.com/jamesbm goto this page and click on join on the street team, I'll keep it updated with new missions as they come in.