Sickening. You got my adrenaline going with those runs riffs, chugs everything. Killer skillz dont let them go to waste - go out find a band...find 2 or 3. You'll get snapped up in a minute.

thanks a lot dude! i actually have a band already



i just felt like playing guitar for a change, i usually play bass if you like any of the band music, feel free to like our page (http://www.facebook.com/RazedOfficial)

btw, like ur cover very much man, and cool shades
@usernames suck: haha,i do listen to alot of ABR, but i didnt think about em when i did the vid, it was just an improv :P left a comment on ur vid btw, IT SOUNDS REALLY GREAT MATE

@LetoDestinatus: haha, ur asking the wrong guy for tips man :P but if i can say anything is maybe study some of ur favourite bands chord sequences and structures, then try to integrate all of them together and add a bit of ur own thing into it