Hi folks, I wrote this thread because I've been looking for a long time a band that I don't remember the name.
All I know is that the name begins with a word, then there is a : and after another word.
word word
_______:______ like this.
And I know that there are videos of this band on youtube by a user who made fan made videos of inception and watchmen while taking music from this band.
The band sounds a lot like the band Muse. They use piano arpeggios and stuffs like Muse in their music.

That's it, that's all I know.
So you guys could help me to find this band please???

Thanks in advance.
Only three bands come to mind with colons in their name and I don't think it's likely any of them.

Songs: Ohia
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Unfortunely, no. None of them is the band I'm looking for, but I appreciate very much your efforts to search.Thanks