I only want the best of the best, the creepiest of the creepy...

Remember if it doesn't creep you out, it isn't worth jack

So Pit, share your creepy adverts, post as many as you wish...

Here are mine:



^ The creepiest bit is at 24 seconds


And lastly (for now):


Now that one isn't that creepy in sight, but what it is actually about. Here is a YouTube comment:

"So they made some radioactive concoction and rubbed in on her face and then washed it with Brand "A", then they applied the same radioactive concoction on her face again and washed with Brand "B". After Brand "B" there was less of a radioactive response, and so it got the face cleaner. Crazy man. Probably ended up looking like burn victims in Hiroshima after that."
This will start a RIOT! in me

Where's my Indiana bros at?

EDIT: This is Peter Francis Geraci, and his voice haunts every Hoosier ever.
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Most pharmaceutical drug adverts on TV. They all use the same type of generic blissful feel-good music. The same people looking generically happy and content. The same happy bitch on a swingset. The same old couple touching foreheads. The same generic boring white man that slowly turns his gaze towards the camera. All with the same generic soft white background.

It's super creepy.

Honestly it reminds me of Brave New World and looking like everybody is on Soma.
None of the ads in OP were creepy. Fail.
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