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Thought I would share a little story with you all .So back in 2009 I went to a concert to watch one of my favorite bands play here in Miami, FL. Determined to get on stage and play guitar with this very band i made a BIGGG ass post poster saying "I can play jesus of suberbia.. key of c#"..Folded it like a huge treasure map and hid it in my pants(no home made posters allowed at venue). Oh and of course i was there like 5 hours before doors opened to be in the front. Anyways...about two hours into the show, nearing the end, Billie Joe says to the audience he needs someone that can play guitar to come on stage. Immediately I unfolded my hidden poster and waived it like a maniac making sure to get his attention...all while wrestling off one of the security guards trying to strip me of the poster. So Billie Joe was going back and forth between potential guitar players in the crowd and finally got to see my poster right before the guard took a hold of it. Ultimately i got picked and the same guard that took my poster had the pleasure of escorting me on stage ..

So i get on that stage and get a look at all the people out there...holy SH** 15,000 + going nuts, screaming at the top of their longs. Oh yeah. I had made it . He hands me his Les Paul Jr. and of we goo.


Video 2

Honestly the whole experience to me now is very dreamlike almost like it didn't happen. If it wasn't for the videos it would really be a big blur to me. Being on stage like that is really an experience that cannot simply be put into works. You have to live it to know. Luckily I had my chance..and hopefully not my last. The day after the show I decided to start a band . At that point it was a few months after high school graduation so I called a few buddies up and started my band, Hot Box Love. It went well in my opinion for the first few months. We had a few tunes and they were received pretty well at the local venues around Miami. But as soon as the project started it ended. Ultimately because of of personal issues between us. It can be a real pain to keep a group together sometimes . But anyways I keep playing acoustic shows around Miami under the name Hot Box Love. While I am at work putting a full band together again.



In conclusion. This whole experience was one of the best things to happen to me but at the same time one of the worst. Why? Well because after you experience something like that there is no going back. Like getting hooked on a drug for the first time and becoming an instant addict. Unfortunately for me that drug is now the euphoria of playing in front of more than 15 thousand people. Which is much harder to come around then your typical recreational drug xDD... So that's about it. Just wanted to share my story with you all. Cheers.

- Brendon Steven Cisneros
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