I have recently decided to take up drums and bought a beginner kit second hand off ebay. Only problem is apart from the hi-hat there are no other cymbals with the one I bought.

Does anyone know where I can get a cheap beginners crash cymbal with stand?

I want to learn on a cheap kit and make sure I like it and then get better equipment over time

Drum stuff is ridiculously expensive in the US. Finding a cymbal stand for less than $30, or even less than $40 apart from Craigslist would be a miracle. You can try fashioning your own, or maybe you can hang your cymbals from the ceiling. That would be the most cost effective way of doing things.
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I have spotted a brand new 16" crash cymbal with stand on ebay for £27 delivered so I guess I won't find much cheaper than that. Its from an ebay store too. Only a cheap brand but probably enough to be getting on with while I learn the basics
Just get something like a Sabian B8 crash, it's not that "cheap" overall but it is an entry level cymbal and actually doesn't sound like shit.

As for a stand, I dunno. Just get a boom stand from Sound Percussion, probably run you about $30.
I'm not sure how prices go in the US for ebay, but it's notoriously cheap over here in the UK when it comes to second hand gear. Take a look in my gear section, all my zildjian cymbals, got them off of ebay and didn't pay more than 70 pounds for any of them. So yeah, you're better of finding stuff on ebay rather than craigslist.
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