Hey UG, i was wondering how i would clean my volume pot. i just built a guitar and the volume works but doesn't turn it all the way down. please help!
You just finished a build and don't want to spend $$$ to clean the pot? Don't be cheap, now.

How do you know the pot needs cleaning? I suspect you have another issue.
its not that its just why spend on a can when you just need it for one little pot. and. . . *cough* i *cough* dont want to *cough* wait. i just want it done.
in another forum a guy said i need it cleaned. it is pretty messy
Apparently rubbing alcohol works just as well, need to clean one on a bass I bought recently. I Googled around a bit and that seemed to be the general consensus
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Rubbing alcohol could be used in a pinch, but it will strip away the lubricants used in the pot and make it feel rough. There are cleaners designed specifilcally for cleaning pots. I would recommend using one of them.
Buy the proper stuff now for your one little pot and then you won't have to wait the next time it happens.