Ok, I have a Laney LX120Twin amp and Zoom G9.2tt FX unit, I play metal.

Basically, jamming with the band, I found my amp was too wimpy for what I needed, so I bought a couple of Jenson Electric Lightning speakers and fitted them, it sounds far better! BUT! New guitarist joins in today with a 5150 going through a marshall cab... I cried a little. It completely overpowered my amp (both only at volume to match drums but I couldn't crank mine any higher).

Now, I have 2 celestion 70/80 speakers doing nothing atm, could I build a 2x12 cab out of them? Would this give me the edge I need to go just that little bit louder and not be pushing everything so hard? Also, would I just use the 'speaker out' from the LX120 into the new cab straight to the speakers? Or would I have to make some kind of pre-amp circuit?

Many thanks guys!
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Goodlord! Is that a 120w amp you're using and you're complaining about volume?!! I can make do with 15 ss watts if I had to. Damn I'm glad I don't play metal. Why not just ask the peavey guy to turn his down a lil?
Just the nature of the beast with a solid state combo really. Tube will always overpower and cut through better until you get a tube amp yourself
Cool, all I needed to know really, the FX unit has tubes, but not quite the gigantic sexy tubes in the 5150 .... wish I had rich parents and still lived with them waa....

70/80's are on the bay btw