Hey, my name is Mackenzey and this is my musical project Polaris Amour.


I played all the instruments, and at the moment I'm the only active member. Please let me know what you think.

I wrote a song about war...
The kind that lives in your head.
Awesome tunes! Very good production, and to me it has a kinda Biffy Clyro sort of sound to it (they're a Scottish band, in case they're not big in the States). Gave you a like on FB too.

Would you mind repaying the favour and giving us a listen and a like on Facebook here:

Cheers. We appreciate it.
Thank you for the feedback! And thanks a bunch for the Facebook "like" too. And yeah, I've only heard a bit of Biffly Clyro, but I liked what I heard. They had some success in the States.

I checked your page out and "liked" it as well. I enjoyed your songs. Sliver was my favorite, for sure. I liked Green Light District too, the riff kinda gave me a Daytripper (The Beatles) vibe for some reason or another.
I wrote a song about war...
The kind that lives in your head.
Cheers for checking us out. Really appreciate the feedback and for really listening to the tunes. Sound quality's not brilliant, but it's better than nothing.