Hey guys

I have some spare cash to spend on my second guitar and I'd like to change the bridge, it doesnt stay in tune and the tremolo sucks bigtime, I can't really set it up because its all rusty.

The bridge says "Ibanez"... I have no idea what mounting is there but I can see 6 little bolts on it.

What can I change it into without having to drill anything?
I'd like to be able to use it. So is there any kahler or something strat-like that would fit?
Hmm.. interesting. I really can't think of any sort of replacement tremolo that you could install without drilling new holes. But you could try a set of graph tech saddles.


I've got those on my stratocasters vintage tremolo and haven't had a single problem with tuning after changing into those.
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Ok, done a bit of legwork for you:


official replacement/upgrade for the FAT 6 bridge (which your guitar has), will definitely solve the rust issue and will improve things overall.

New saddles might still be worth considering as this will help tuning, as would a new nut, and possibly better tuners.

As for improving the tremolo, I have no idea what kind of metal block is on the back of that or your current bridge, but if you can get a replacement in something like brass that may improve things, other than that, make sure the spring tension is correct, not too tight, not too loose.
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