I was told to re-post this with more specifics....... so here it goes.....

How do you guys start writing a song (lyrics)? I don't know where to start. Do you start off by coming up with a title? or something else?
I am new to songwriting, so give me some tips.

I want to write prog metal stuff. Like Opeth.
^^ Something in that style.......

I hope that was "specific" enough.

To me, most of Opeth's lyrics seem to be listless and gloomy. For me, (since I'm a chronic offender of being sad) this genre/style of writing come a little easier. Because of that, I would say it's based on your mood.

If you are feeling like youre left with nothing, her; you'll be able to write about those types of this better. There is no greater motivator than pain, in my opinion.

I like to pick a subject, and then expand upon it. Not that the lyrics I posted in this forum were Opeth-esque, but the lyrics I posted are kind of example of how I go about writing a song. I wanted to make a song about the 5 senses, so thats what I did.

Good luck, and keep jammin to Opeth
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I think you might have been told to post it in the sub forum....but i will still answer it where it lies now...

Do not start with a tittle....bad idea...

Start with an emotion

then work it down from there....

you should start more general and get more specific....

if you start too specific (like trying to write a song from a title) you will run out of ideas...

if it is a story song then just do an idea web (remember english class much?) find you beginning middle end and what you want to talk about...

if you want any advice i can break it down more in a pm..

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Since there are no rules or certain ways to go by, I'll tell you how I do.

1. Get inspiration. I usualy get mine through situations in my own life, movies or reading.
2. What feelings does it give me? and in what way do I want to describe them?
3. Make up a story: What is going to happen?
4. Read, and read even more about the elements that will be included in the story. This part takes a lot of time... but I want to know everything about the things I'm going to write about.
5. Start searching for words that fits the theme of the story.
6. By now I start the actual writing. Just scribble down anything that comes to mind and work from there. I work alot with rhymes to give the lyrics a good flow.
7. Find a melody and structure the text to fit it.

Ofcourse I don't always do like this, bot mostly somewhat like it.

For example: (this is how I came up with the lyrics to Bara'ah, which have been posted here)

1. I watched a documentary about children living in the Gaza Strip. (Tears of Gaza)
2. The things that affected my feelings was: Innocence, injustice and imprisonment.
3. I saw the choppers circling around the townfolks, and thought of vultures. Which gave me lots of ideas of a story, and ended up with one about a girl lost in the desert.
4. I read alot about the Gaza strip and its history, which deserts were located nearby. ...about arabic girl names. ...and so on.
5. Words that came to mind before I started writing was: Astray, desert, horizon, sand, trail, vulture, shadow, dust storm, sun, heat, hyperthermia.
6. Then started scribbeling, and the chorus happen to come first. For the rest I just tried to connect the words I came up with earlier. Put them into the story and try to give 'em some sense.
7. Well this I can't really describe... I just read the lyrics in a way I thought sounded good to a steady tempo.

This might not work at all for you... but it's worth trying!
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