Hi everyone, I have had a low e string problem today. It has been making a lot of buzzing. These are new strings, only a few days old. And its only the low e that is buzzing. It wasnt having this problem last night, so its new to this morning. I checked an its not hitting any of the frets, and the neck is straight. It sounds like the buzzing is coming from the bridge, but i dont see why. Everything looks like normal.

I have a Takamine Jasmine S-44C Cutaway acoustic. Any help is appreciated.
also, on a side note, what is the best way to remove the bridge pegs. mine are very tight, and the only good way that i find to get them out is with a pliers, that absolutely shreds the outside of the pegs.
as for the strings, i did just just swtich to medium gauge, which is slightly thicker then i was using before.
To raise the action of a guitar you do so by adding padding underneath the bridge, getting a new bridge or using any other technique to raise the bridge. Despite what other people will say, do not use the truss rod. That's for the curvature of the neck. If you don't know what you're doing take it to your local guitar shop.

To remove bridge pins you need to try and push the string back into the guitar body. The pegs stay in due to the tension of the strings on them, and so pushing the strings in reduces this pressure. If need be you can do this by using pliers. Remember: your're aiming to push the string down toward the peg and through the gap where they slot it. DON'T PULL otherwise your're screwed.

You can, if they still won't budge, get a coin or a pick (I use my thumbpick) and push the bridge pins out from underneath. That pretty much always works.
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Have you tried using a plastic string winder to remove a peg? If you look closely, one part of the "square spoon" of the string-winder has a small notch taken out of it. Gently slide this notch under your peg, and it should pop right out.

Most guitar shops carry string winders -- they are very inexpensive.
definitely need a peg winder. they're only a bick and a half. did you change the string gauge to a heavier gauge maybe? if so you'll need to have it adjusted by an expert. usually guitars are made for a certain string gauge. changing the gauge requires having the neck adjusted or it will cause it to buzz.