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This is maybe the worst comparison in the history of comparisons.
Really hard to tell, if I could see the inlay I could give you a better answer.

It looks like one of the Korean ones.

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I'm a bit wary, as the guy says he's from Spokane Washington, yet a quick google search shows that image being used on a lot of foreign sites: and not recent posts either



One does have spec, though

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^yeah, definitely the S1520FBNT. No question.

edit: The link with the specs is lying. It's not flamed maple and it's not an Edge Zero trem. It has a figured bubinga veneer and the Lo-pro Edge, which many claim to be the best double-locking floating trem ever. This is down to personal preference, of course.

More pics.

Trust the seller at your own risk, though. Could be a downright steal, could be a downright scam. He says to email him for more pics, so I'd do that and ask him to have something in the picture to prove the authenticity, like a handwritten note saying "Rubber baby buggy bumpers".
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