hi. i have a boss space echo. it has 2 outlets. i take it this means i could run cables to 2 amps and play them at the same time yes? simple question but im not sure. thanks.
most probably yes, my digitech whammy has two outputs and i can run my signal through 2 amps, don't see why the boss pedal would be any different
ive never tried it before but would like to experiment. is it difficult to get the volumes right when using 2 amps?
not really, if they are both the same kind of amp (as in tube-tube or ss-ss) then volume matching is quite easy, if one output is wet and the other is dry you might want the volumes at different levels to emphasize the echo effect
Using 2 amps does wonders for modulation and time fx. Definitly try it, I turn 1 off when showing off the talents of our lead guitarists but use 2 amps otherwise