I'm sure I'm not the only one who finds his movies to be so weird and wonderful. But beyond their innate weirdness they are also incredibly difficult to read beyond the surface level. everything is sublimely organized and neat, but what makes a wes anderson movie a wes anderson movie exactly?
Wiki says he involves himself in every aspect of the film's production, unlike most directors.
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I think you just won this thread.
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I came here to ask who the hell Wes Anderson was and this explained everything.

Edit: The Royal Tenenbaums

Oh now I see.
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In response to OP...I suppose just quirky humor, melodrama, clever use of music, dream-like visuals.
I couldn't think of a thing that I hope tomorrow brings
Owen Wilson. Owen Wilson everywhere.
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Wes Anderson makes a Wes Anderson movie a Wes Anderson movie.

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