hey guys, i wanted to get some advice from you on the following subject:

I played guitar before and I'm going to start playing bass. I'm not thinking about start a band, at least not for now, but i want to try a new instrument. So, this thread's objective is to get some advice about getting my first bass (i've checked the starter basses section of the FAQ) and also any other advice that you think a former guitar player should get.

for the bass, since i have no previous experience, i'll tell you what i expect from my first bass:
- basically, i want it to last.
- also i'd like it to have good playability. i don't have little hands issues, though.
- i'd like a 4 string bass, nothing complicated, and large or XL frets, since my guitar (yamaha EG-112) has large frets, and i am used to that.
- about the sound i'm looking for, that is the aspect i care the less for two reasons: for sound, the amp is the important thing, and i also don't know what kind of music i'll try to play with the bass (since i love AC/DC but i know that the bass isn't very fun to play with it )

about the price, since i live in Argentina, some basses are cheaper than other that in USA are at the same price. for a reference, say a Squier P.bass price. MAYBE a liiiiitle bit more, but since i'm just starting i don't want to spend a fortune on a bass...

well, i think that's all. Thanks in advance, people.
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As far as a bass goes, look into ESP. They've got decent mid/low range stuff that'll last for a while until you decide if bass is really for you, but that isn't so bad that you won't be able to use it. I'd suggest something like this -


I know it's not local, but that's just to give you an idea what I suggest. It's a bit more costly than a Squier P Bass, but anything in that price range is gonna be something you'll outgrow quickly if you decide to take bass seriously.

For amps, look at Acoustic brand. They're great for the money for bass.
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Just go to the store and play every bass you can find. If you're worried about people judging you for being somewhat of a novice, forget them. Fender P-bass (MIM) would be a good option, of course, but see if you can find something you like that's used. You'll get a way better quality bass for the buck if you do.
As others have said you really should play a bunch of basses and see which you like.,
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If you want a relatively cheap bass that will last you a LONG while and get a wide variety of tones, look into the Squier Vintage Modified line. These basses are great feeling, great sounding, and great looking, all the while being pretty cheap. I wish I started out playing one of these instead of that crappy rogue. XD


These two are the ones Id recommend the most, as will about 99 percent of the more respected users around here.

As for amps, Acoustic brand amps are very good beginner amps.
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^ Every time I see that VM P bass I fall in love.
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In the end, the only question is: what bass would Jesus play?

I think he's a Fender Jazz guy.
Personally I have done this myself so I'd like to suggest an amp to you. Get an acoustic B10. Those things are great and the manual comes with a few different settings for you to fool around with. the bassist in my band gigs with a B100 variant and it's killer.
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