Currently, I have my guitar running through my POD X3 live, and from there it is running into my Bose wave alarm clock. I don't have an amp. Im looking into powered speakers such as the Peavey 115d but all the videos I can find on it are DJ videos with people playing dance music through them. Does anybody know if a guitar would sound good through them?

I dont want an amp because I dont want it to mess with my pedalboard's amp modeling so Im looking for powered speakers. Should I go with powered speakers or something else?
What's your budget?

If you wanna go all out, buy a mixer and something similar to the Mackie HD powered monitors. Just run the POD through the board and straight to the monitors.

However, I realize that the above option is extremely expensive. You'd be fine with just running through powered speakers, but we need to know your budget.
Havn't been on in a while... anyways I have a decent budget, got about $4500 saved up, but Im also trying to buy a car so I don't want to go all out with a mixer and everything at the moment. But if you say running the POD straight through the speakers, would sound fine, Im willing to try it. I can always take them back if I dont like them.