Hey everyone.
I plan on auditioning for a berklee summer program for teens or whatever, and I need help finding a good piece to play. I'm going for fusion.
Any recommendations?
(I'm thinking of waves by guthrie govan right now)
definitely do waves or sevens... or uncle skunk... or anything that guthrie govans has ever whistled.
guthrie is a great artist to cover also look into alan holdsworth..scale the summit plays 7 strings but have tab translationa for 6 strings and dave weiner is also a real great guitarist
I played "Fives" for them, did it spot on, and I didn't get in. Its probably because I choked on the site reading.

But that was for the actual enrollment, not for a summer program. That said, if you can do a Govan piece well, you should do it.
Filibuster - John Scofield.


From the album Electric Outlet. iTunes.

If you can get it, there is a brilliant solo from alto saxophonist David Sanbourn on that track. The second phrase in particular.
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