Good evening everyone.

I just had a question on sonority--what exactly is the definition? I've read some and been told some, but I think I was looking for more detail.

For example, I read that "Hey hey, my my" by Neil Young has "acoustic guitar sonority." Does that simply mean that the acoustic has a higher presence, in overall dynamics, than the other instruments?

Thanks for the help!
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Just means "the characteristic/defining sound" really

For instance, if you can identify the sonority of a major 7th chord, you are just identifying that its a major 7th chord
"Sonority" also has a term for vertical collections of pitches that do not fit into triadic classification. Schoenberg's harmonies would probably be described as "sonority to sonority" rather then as "chord to chord."

I know that's not the definition you're looking for, but it is a common one, so it bears stating