So I've been thinking of upgrading my amp recently, but I am not sure where to start. I will be using this amp for gigging mostly.
Budget: $300-$550
I am willing to buy used.
Current Gear: MIM Fender Stratocaster with Humbucker, Boss ME-70 Pedal, and a tiny little Vox Pathfinder 30W.

What I want from this amp is decent cleans, and also good crunch. Think "Can't Stop" guitar tone. I am also looking for some decent distortion but nothing anywhere near metal. Can you guys tell me what I should be looking for?
Fender's Super Champ XD. Best amp for the low end price range you have!
at that budget you can get a decent 30 ish watt tube amp
mmh for rock blues at that price you can get a classic 30
or a bugera v22-50 can decent cleans and distortion
an ac15(probabaly used)

i dont remember how much the jet city 20 watt amp goes for but you can probaly find it used for your price range
I would say either the fender super champ XD or the Vox ac15vr. As you have a multi effects pedal then you may not need the extra effects on the super champ XD and in my opinion the Vox ac15vr has nicer tone. But try a few next to each other =D
fender and vox are definitely where you want to be looking. The vox amps will have a bit more gian than the fenders though. the jet cities would also be a nice, inexpensive option.

i own a vht special 6 ultra that i love. it has an OK amount of crunch but needs an od to be anything really worth it. the headroom is mediocre but if its mic'd, the cleans are clear and pristine and is a really great, inexpensive amp
I got a Fender Hot Rod Deluxe for $500. Really loud, got reverb, all tube, warm rich cleans and two levels of drive. Can't ask for much more!
Sounds amazing with my strat and tele.