I didnt know we had a new amish guy.

Wait a second:

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Members of a dissident Amish group called the Bergholz Gang are suspected of bursting into the homes of mainstream Amish and cutting - or attempting to cut - the facial hair of their targets.

Omg hipster Amish people on the prowl!
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Those hooligans just need to cut it out.
i thought the pit was done with amish threads?
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i thought the pit was done with amish threads?

well its not like they are going to read them.
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Ah hell, the puns got off the ground before anybody could stop them.
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I feel like that situation could have gotten a lot hairier than it did.

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Judging by this, you'd think mainstream Amish would love Harry Potter.
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this whole thing is just hilarious
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The intruders then returned to their leader, hair in hand, to prove that his orders were being obeyed to the letter, the local Intelligencer and Wheeling News-Register newspaper reported.

Neat. If only they turned their plots to more than just churning up trouble.
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