So, you get a totally awesome guitar, but there's one problem.
A fret or two have those annoying little indention from the strings in them.
I have one on the high E of the 13th fret, and another on the high E of the 20th fret.
They don't inhibit the string, and you can barely feel them when bending the strings, but before too long, this could turn into a problem.
So how exactly do I fix this without changing all the frets?
I can't really sand it down, cause then they'll be unlevel, would melting solder over the indents possibly work?
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Just clean them up using #0000 steel wool. It will polish and smooth them out.
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Just clean them up using #0000 steel wool. It will polish and smooth them out.

This. Easy, cheap and it works. I did this on my Stratocaster and it patched it up nice.
I share your pain about it being frustrating though!
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Depending on how large the indent is you could put some hard epoxy in it and wipe smooth before it sets. The result would be a little noticeable (if you were scrutinizing every fret separately for appearance) but it's a lot easier and faster than replacing the fret itself.
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