I need some help with crash cymbals. I am planning on getting another one I have one 16" meinl powerful crash, and I'm looking for another crash that will contrast with that one. I am also wondering if the crymbal could be used repeatedly (like a ride but with a full on hit) and still have a good contrast with the 1st one without being too heavy sounding.

If you guys can reccomend any cymbals suiting my needs it would be great! Also, I am on a budget so no A customs or anything over $200 for that matter.
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Take a look at the Paiste Alpha series, I like the way they sound over some the other cheaper cymbals
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Look for either an 18" crash/ride, or a really washy 20" ride. I actually use my Zildjian ZBT 20" ride as a super-crash; during big choruses and stuff, I'll hit it with a lot of force using the shaft of the stick, and it gets an amazingly full sound. I got mine for like, $75. The ZBT line is the cheapest line Zildjian makes, to the best of my knowledge, and you can usually find the ride from it for around $110. Here it is on Musicians Friend:

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I use my sabian 16" crash for a ride more often than I use my ride, but I play pretty light when I'm using a ride.

If you are after the best of both worlds I'd go with an 18" medium ride from one of the lower level sabian models. These will be a bit light on the "ping" side of things and a bit heavy on the crash side but if you want 1 cymbal to do the job of two then it's either going to do one of it's jobs poorly or it'll compromise on both just a little bit. Then when you have some more cash fill out your kit with a real ride or a 16 crash depending on what you feel is most important to your music.
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