OK ive took my electric guitar without an amp (amp to big and no headphone out) and want some crunch, something which a travel amp just isnt doing! Any ideas of a resonable decent setup that would allow me to play along to music from laptop. Can be amp based, pre amp, software, headphone or speakers I dont mind. Musnt be too expensive - the cheaper the better on a student budget!
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If you're not bothered about cleans, something like a Blackstar HT-1 or the 2 watt Vox Night train would probably do you proud.
i use a line 6 ux2 along with pod farm and i'm very happy with it. a lot to play around with, sounds good, and can either have a monitor or headphone out
Good suggestions have already been said but just thought I'd throw it out there.

Invest in Guitar Rig 5 or Revalver? If you have a USB interface already (if not they're not expensive) they're both powerful amp/effects modelling software. Just a thought.
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Get a Pignose guitar. Awesome coolness, make an acceptable sound (for a built in amp), can be used with headphones and can be played out loud when you're having a get together with a couple of mates.
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You can get a used POD or even a pocket POD for under £70, they sound great even recorded straight through an interface into a DAW
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