U kno wat i realized or i think i did...sumtimes he strums chords for the opening of this song and sumtimes he picks the notes individually...or am i rong..haha i guess im asking u guys if this is the case...like in the studio version, does billy joe individually pluck the notes or does he strum chords...thanks
I think you're really over-thinking this; play it both ways and see which sounds best to you.

Also: English is a pretty cool language when you get it right, you might want to try that some time. It makes you much easier to understand; for all I know I could be completely wrong with the answer because your question is hard to actually comprehend.
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Because you're a bad troll, your previous posts indicate that you possess sufficient english skills to type properly. So yes, you are incredibly stupid, and yes, you are an idiot.


And also you possess sufficient guitar experience to indicate that yourself.
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lol sorry zaph u always answer my questions...its just late and im a lazy typer....thank tho for the advice.