I recently had one of my guitars headstocks glued and clamped because of a very sad incident that I really don't want to recall. To get to the point. The crack is still visible, and I can feel it. It bothers me. I want to refinish this small area of the neck (ebony gloss finish). Whats the best way to go about this? Its a cheapo guitar and I'm not going to pay to have it done. Thanks.
^ He'll still feel it though!

You get melt on lacquer sticks that you could use.
Then sand down with fine sandpaper and steel wool 'til it's flush.

I've never used the stuff though so I'm not sure how well it turns out.
Seems like the easiest solution though.

Edit: This kinda stuff.
I'm sure you can find individual sticks cheaper somewhere though.
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I just bought a black laquer stick off amazon for 2 bucks. Think my 40 watt soldering iron will get hot enough to melt it? If so I'll fill with that stuff then just sand buff and polish.
Do you feel an indent or do you feel a protrusion of glue? If you feel something sticking out then you'll have to sand a bit. You can order spray cans of nitro or you can get one of those preval sprayers and mix up some stuff yourself.

If your iron doesn't heat it then you could probably use a lighter or little torch. I'd be worried that those things don't harden like real lacquer would. But for 2 bucks and on what you're calling a cheap guitar it is certainly worth a try.