I just got a new house and I'm filling my basement up with gear. I tried out this head at a friends house and thought it sounded pretty good. Also I read some reviews on it, most were positive. I decided to give it a shot and I gotta say so far for the money I'm dissapointed. I'm running it through a 1960a.

First off the tone is not bad on a fairly high volume, and while strumming basic rock chords I like it.

But... there is absolutely not bottom end. Cannot get that chug chug out of it at all. Also there is just not enough gain for leads imo. Not much sustain, harmonics die out fast.

What suggestions do you guys have for pedals to remedy this? I was thinking of an EQ to add some bottom end, and some kind of gain booster. Tube screamer maybe? Not sure if that has enough.
There is no bottom end with this amp. No chugga chugga.

I thought you said you tried it and liked it?

Pedals will not help you.

Get something different while you fill your basement with gear.

Maybe an EQ

I don't know, I didn't like this amp at all and I spent a fair amount of time with it - I think with that same cab you got.
I'm thinking about taking it back to upgrade. You think JVM210h is worth the extra money?
As much as I am not a fan of the JVM it would be a hell of lot better than the MA. Nice cleans, reverb, separate Master and tone controls, and.....

chugga chugga

or do like the stickies recommend - and we'll find you an amp

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Yeah... the MA is kind of terrible.
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