that was nice man!! Epic i think is the word!!

thanks for reviewing my band\

all the best mate
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Very professional sounding. Hard to say much as the level of composition is way beyond me and my guitar noodling. I also listened to the Battle Theme. Both tracks seem to be perfect for a video game soundtrack.

Are you still creating music for the game? A catchy theme song with a melody hook is always a win. Sort of like Zelda. When you hear it you know exactly where it came from. Looking forward to hear more. Great job.

Thanks for listening and commenting on my tune as well.
Thanks !

fly135 -> not for this one, but i'll be starting another OST next month or so.

aaron -> thanks, i'll get to yours when i get back from work.
For creating this, i first composed it in midi, imported the midi file in a DAW (i use fruity loops), applied the orchestral & stuff VSTs, and in a final step i bring the finished files in Adobe Soundbooth and do some mastering/eq to it. (thought in that last part i don't really know what i'm doing...i just play with the settings until i get something i like)