After lurking the Tab section of the recording part of the forum, I found a LOT of songs that people have labelled as "melodic hardcore" that I was really into. The only band that I've actually heard that sounded close to this though is We Came as Romans.

I'd really like to start writing in that style as I find it sounds amazing, but I don't really know where to start or have many influences to help me along my path.

Could anyone either give me some pointers on what I could focus on to begin writing this style or even bands that play this style that i can look into?
U might have heard of 'protest the hero ' if you havent just check them out. I the breather ? May be . I love the technical aspect of their playing. Try cyclamen .not the stuff youre looking for . but still youll Need different influences. Check out elitist too. Hope this helps.
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