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Completely un-needed.

TS: the easiest thing to do would be to work on the basic open chords and strumming them in a simple rhythm over a 4/4 beat. That would be the easiest possible thing that would still have any musical application.

Beyond that you're looking at very simple solos like Smells Like Teen Spirit and past that it's on to barre chords.

That's the absolute basics that I can think of.
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Completely un-needed.

There's a pretty obvious advertising link below his post (EDIT: nvm, it's the sig. Pretty sure that's not allowed, still.)

But, some basic techniques could be open, and barre chords. Then some power chords and maybe some simple fingerpicking. Palm muting is good if you're playing metal.
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Wait, you guys don't realize this is a relatively clever ad scheme? You can find tons of people typing complete nonsense engrish with non-guitar related shit in their sig... seemed pretty obvious. Like the long fingernail thread where the guy says something about it being "true that when you playing guitar you have more fingernail" lol

edit: haha unless you think he's running a florida laptop company from pakistan
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