Hello everyone. I just want maybe some insight from you guys. I feel like no matter what amp i plug into, my guitar has the "motion of the ocean" sound more than my other guitarists. I do have active EMG 81/85 pickups but still.. he has active pickups and they are not as noisy.

I bought a Hush SuperC noise gate and it works great.. takes care of the problem.. until i turn up.. I have that thing almost maxed when I have it really far up for shows and stuff.

I am looking for maybe possible causes of the sound. I realize my head will do that cause its a 6505 but what would be some stuff to have looked at?

My rig:

mogami Gold tipped cables (soon to replace my speaker cable with one)
1960av Marshall cab
6505 tube head
ibanez S470dxqm
EMG 81/85
Hush Super C noise gate
furman conditioner for power

Now I have a 5 way switch.. 1 and 2 are the EMG81.. 3 is a dead switch, and 4 and 5 are EMG85. With that said, I do have the middle pickup removed and its just an empty cavity. You can see the wire connecting the two pickups.. maybe this is a cause since its out in the open?
have you checked that the output jack wires are secure?

does the noise ever change when you plug in with a different cable,
use the switch,
touch the cable while playing,
touch the bridge,
line directly into the amp, or
move the rig to a different room?

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i don't recall different cables making a difference. Touching the cable does not make a difference. The rest I will have to check. I know pickup and cable touching doesn't change it.. and this is multiple rooms.

I had a guitar tech install these EMG's out of his house.. seems like he knew what he was doing but who knows for sure.
Wonder if the tech left the old grounding wire in place? Most passive pickups usually ground somewhere inside the guitar (vol pot to bridge), but active EMGs do not need this. Might be as simple as getting rid of the old grounding wire.
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