Hello everyone,
I need a rhythm guitarist for my main project "Ecliptic Dawn" the music is sort of a genre mix between Gothic/oriental metal with some extreme metal influences as well as some Doom metal in some songs.
Here you can listen to some demo tracks:
The full length will have better quality and more guitar work .
Vocals will be mainly deep growls (like in recorded demos) in addition to female vocals, and some occasional tenor vocals.
Distance isn't important as long as you can record in a good quality (directly from a mic on amp, or from pedal then I'll re-amp it with a visual Amp-sim)
Either 7 strings guitarist or someone who have strings that can be tuned down to B and still sound good works for rhythm section.
The rhythm section includes some simple leads, but If you like to contribute with a solo or maybe more it's okay as well, there'll be solos in some songs.
Anyone interested please post here below or send a message ( I am not so familiar with this board :P )
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I don't know If I described music well, but it doesn't really have one style, and the tab format will be Guitar pro 4 or 5.