Just wondering what a good Yngwie Malmsteen song to learn is for an intermediate player?

I started Black Star the other day, but I dont feel comfortable with the main solos of that song, as my fingers dont move that fast.

Im a big fan of Yngwie and I was just wondering how some of you guys started with learning his stuff and what songs are a good starting point to go about.
i started with black star too. black star's probably one of the easier ones

not sure there's any yngwie that's that easy

i guess you could try some of his songs (i.e. with singing) cos then at least you could play the rhythm guitars...
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I started with Far Beyond the Sun.

Start slow with a metronome. Make slow, slow progress.
Black Star is probably the easiest Yngwie song.... :/

Just practise it slow, you'll get the hang of it.

I'm Currently working on Far Beyond the Sun. I hope to tackle Blitzkrieg in the future.
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I'd say a song from the Alcatrazz album. The first actual Yngwie song that I tried was Evil Eye. And yeah, try not only the instrumental stuff, but also the actual songs (singing), because they are usually easier.
Blackstar is the easiest composition he ever made, apart from Echo Etude. Try that one first.

Also, there are no easy YJM songs, just mind blowing galactic orgasm universal cataclysmic stormy interior crocodile alligator amazing true masterpieces songs
Hm, Iunno, I'm a pretty bad player(also was a Malmsteen wannabe for a while, and still love him), and I can play most of the intro solo to Crystal Ball, but I don't think I could manage the other solo in it. And Amberdawn's one of the easier Malmsteen songs, for sure. I don't know if I'd try anything on his first album, that's mostly a rather technical album(the last track's not too hard, but IIRC that's just part of Black Star repeated).
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