Just talking to a friend of mine today at the Mall and he tells me that he picked up A Cort MR740FX. Anyone familiar with this guitar?? will he be satisfied with its playability? sound?? he prefers country/bluegrass music as well.
specs don't tell much, and whether someone will be satisfied by a particular guitar depends on their own tonal preferences. i haven't been blown away by the tone of the corts i've played yet some people really love 'em. playability? have him get a setup - and playability will also depend on his neck preferences, fret preferences, whether he finds the strings he likes for that guitar.
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That is a solid guitar for a good price I'd say. Solid top/back (not sure why they kept the sides laminate, most likely to increase neck stability over time). I love Sitka/Rosewood tonewoods on my guitars, the Sitka resonates each string very clearly and the Rosewood gives it that nice, warm fullness.

The Fishman Prefix system is actually quite remarkable in my experiences. The piezo/mic blend is quite useful depending on whether you are playing through PA or an amp in a live situation. Great electronics.

Grover tuners are a plus but not a fan of the black knobs for some reason (although it wouldn't turn me away).

All in all I could tell this would be a great player as far as tone is concerned. I wouldn't go by anything you see on YouTube though, go play one for yourself!
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