I'm a beginner and have the Line6 spider3 15w amp.I'm a complete begininner so i'm learning music for the start. When i try to play a song,for example now i'm trying to learn Crazy Train by Ozzy it just don't sound right. I know my ear for music isn't very good yet but when I tune the amp it just doesn't sound any where near the tone Of Ozzy. I know my amp is pretty basic but i should get a closer tone. Do i just have a bad ear for tone or is Line6 hard to tune.Does any one have a Line6 who could give me any tips? What would be a setting for Ozzy? It does sound a little better when i turn it up however i don't want to bother my family or neighbors.
Please use the settings thread . You also made a thread about this quite a while ago, and got same same answers you'd be likely to get here, again - it could be your settings, but it could just as likely be your amp, or your playing.