Hey guys

I'm in a band and I'm one of two guitarists the band set up is

Guitar x 2

And we play metal/pop punk/tech (attempting) I'm writing a song at the moment for us and the chorus is ment to sound BIG but I can't get the guitar harmonies where I want them :/

I'm playing in drop D and I'm trying to harmonize a B ( played on the LOW D 9th fret ) and the D played on the higher fret (12)

I Know this is a minor third and I'm looking for a nice harmony for the other guitar maybe the bass. ( polychords could be cool but I don't want the 5th)

Any help would be good Thanks
The minor third would be a D, probably best to do an octave of fifth fret A string and seventh fret G string.

Alternatively, you could do the D on the 7th fret G, and then also the A on the 10th fret B string. I guess it the seventh? I don't really know what it's called but it sounds pretty sweet.
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Wait, you want it to sound big, but you don't want to use the dominant in the chord?
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It's in F#minor.

Yeah I want it to be big with out the dom :/ I know