Back a couple years ago I had downloaded a song that was listed as Sheep by Pink Floyd. However it wasn't the Sheep that was on Animals. It had the same opening keyboard part and such, but the rest was very different. It sounded as if a woman was speaking either backwards or just gibberish, then followed by either Roger Waters or David Gilmour repeating. The drums and other instruments sounded almost as if they were being played backwards.

However, one of the jocks from our football team stole it and either disposed or it or made off with it and I haven't been able to find that mp3 since.
Does anyone know what song I'm talking about or a link to it?
Yeah man, I have it

It's called Peehs and yeah like Sheep but with weird backwords stuff, one of my favourite songs by them
It sounds cool.. I'd like to hear it if someone finds it on youtube or something.
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