So I found a Fender 65R in a pawn shop for something like $69.99, and I was wondering if you guys could tell me if it would be good to fit my needs, which are these: To sound decent for some beginner-ish guitar dabbling, and to run a wet/effected/distorted bass signal through, hopefully for live situations (don't worry, I can roll off the lows and mic it). When I say beginner-ish, I mean that I like to play fast-paced prog music and jazz on my bass, so I have decent finger skills already, and I've been in more than a couple bands and payed enough attention to know a thing or two about guitar tone.

What do you think? Good deal?
Frontman's are considered beginner guitar amps. Other than that, that is all it has going for it. Running a bass through the amp would probably sound terrible.

Since we know you play progressive and jazz. We need to know what your budget is. There are probably better options depending on how much you are willing to spend.

Please answer these questions better in your first post...
Alrighty then.
Budget: I've been on the lookout for anything decent under $200 used, the lower the better. Thought this pawn shop amp might be a good deal
Genres: Progressive, experimental, math rock, psychedelic, some metal, some of almost every form of modern rock, really
Home or Gig: Mostly home, but I'd like to use it for running affected bass through at gigs (while also running clean bass through a bass amp)
Closest city: Orlando, FL
Current gear: A crappy beginner guitar that I hope to upgrade from in the future, no guitar amp, plenty of nice bass gear but that's irrelevant. Oh, and a couple pedals, including an octave up for my bass.
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Thank you, but I've read a bit on the subject in separate bass players' forums and generally you can get away with it, although it does depend on the amp. It is common practice to use guitar amps for "wet" signals, because the tone is desirable and distortion and other effects tend to suck out a considerable amount of bass. Also, I mentioned in the initial post that I could reduce the bass further via equalization. Finally, one of the effects I had planned to use specifically, although not always, is an octave up + added 5th, for filling out sound and possibly emulating guitar to a degree.

My question was whether anyone thinks that this particular amplifier will get the job done, or if it's a piece of garbage. You seem to be leaning towards the latter, but I'd like some more opinions just for the sake of certainty.
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If you're looking for a cheap, somewhat decent sounding guitar amp to just mess around with on guitar, then you can't go wrong with that price to be honest. It's plenty loud, the cleans are actually pretty good on the Frontman series too. To use a bass on it, that's a different story. If you're using it sparingly for bass, it might work, but I'm not sure. Other than that for beginner guitar stuff it would sound fine.
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Bass through guitar speakers is a sure way to damage the cones. Not a good idea.
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Thanks a lot guys. I looked around and it looks like these generally go for closer to $100 used, so I figure as long as it is functional, I'll go for it. If it turns out the tone sucks or anything like that then I can always sell it and maybe even make a profit.
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Bass through guitar speakers is a sure way to damage the cones. Not a good idea.

This....since your budget is 200, get the frontman and a used bass amp for $100. You'll get a better sound from the bass amp and you'll have a guitar amp to use.
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