its a slightly modified dod grey spec build thanks to badgerific for building it. i was pleased the first time, and this time he impressed me even further with that finish

a guts shot.

also, he is great to work with, pleasant and accommodating to say the least
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the finish... it's orgasmic...

though i painted a pedal he made me with metallic blue spray paint and chrome spray paint and it looks sexy.

picture 1
picture 2
(incase you cared to look at it)

what pedal is it may i ask? ie, whassit do???
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Ooh, knobbies. Looks very cool. Clips?
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Include a review of the pedal or clips, please.
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well, he rehoused the pedal because it also had a fuzz circuit, but i wanted the dod seperate.

its a dod250 grey spec with some mods to the actual circuit itself. there are 3 different forms of clipping i can choose from, and the upper switch is also a warm/bright switch, giving me the ability to get a very vintage sound, or keep the signal warm

for the forms of clipping, badgerific should chime in, as i'm not totally sure what they are. although, i do know that when the lower switch is in the middle, it bypasses the diodes and goes straight to the opamp, giving me a pure boost, or i can overload the opamp and get crazy dist. tones

will get sound clips as soon as it comes in