Probably one of my favorite songs of all time, a guy named Adam richman who's well one of the best artists i ever heard just never seemed to go big! Obviously i can't find his tab anywhere for one of his songs called "Everything you need" But its an amazing song. You'll have problems finding that song, i can't even find it on the internet. But a good alternative is his song "The district" which i can give this video for. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s96MT4pZUD4 It has video of him playing it, any help would be apreciated!
If there is no tab for it, it probably means that no one bothered making one... am I right?
But you seem to like the song, so I think you would be the best perosn to tab it, considering that you're motivated and happy to do it... probably.
I think you wont have too much trouble tabbing it, since it's not some shred solo song... and nothing is better for your hearing training than figuring out songs yourself.
People that only play guitar to learn songs from tabs made by others, don't get good fast...
I tried tabbing it myself, i suppose your right though! Haha, ill keep at it then thanks for the advice.
its all there in plain sight (other than tuning). at quick glance looks like a lot of C, and D or D/F# type shapes (cant really tell, but looks to get the thumb in there every so often) so could start with that and play around. i know all to well its easier said than done and not everyones a natural player/ learner, but keep at it. Like above said, it will only make you a stronger player in the end and that much more satisfying when you get it down.